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Management team - Construction Products Distribution

    Michael Farrell

    Mary-Knight Tyler
    Vice President, Finance

    Ray Sears
    Vice President, C&I Operations

    Colin Ramsden
    GSD Regional Manager – Canada

    Mike Granatino
    GSD Regional Manager, East

    Mike Feehery
    C&I Regional Manager, Central

    Wade Wilson
    Director, ERP Implementation

  • Chance Mercure
    C&I Regional Manager, West


    Grant Delbecq
    Vice President, Supply Chain

    Michelle Perry
    Vice President, Human Resources

    Bob Jordan
    Director, Health and Safety

  • Scott Cloudy
    Vice President, Sales and Marketing

    Dan Bofinger
    C&I Regional Manager – East

    Dave Opre
    GSD Regional Manager – West

    Bradley Perrier
    Director, Fabrication

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    Tel: 469-442-4416
    Email: info@superiorcpd.com