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2015 Tax Information
2015 Dividend Summary
2009 to 2014 Dividend Summary
Taxation of Dividends
General Income Tax Information
U.S. Resident Tax Information
Income Tax Information 1996 to 2008
Historical Monthly Dividends and Distributions
Dividend Payment Details


Last Updated: May 10, 2016


  1. 2015 Tax Information

    For the taxation year ended December 31, 2015 Shareholders of Superior Plus Corp. will not receive a T3, rather they will receive a T5 Supplementary Tax Slip as a result of Superior’s conversion to a corporation on December 31, 2008. Please see ‘Taxation of Dividends’ and ‘General Income Tax Information’ for additional details.

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  2. 2015 Dividend Summary


    Record Date Payment Date Dividend
    Nov 30, 2015 Dec 15, 2015 $0.06
    Oct 31, 2015 Nov 13, 2015 $0.06
    Sep 30, 2015 Oct 15, 2015 $0.06
    Aug 31, 2015 Sep 15, 2015 $0.06
    Jul 31, 2015 Aug 14, 2015 $0.06
    Jun 30, 2015 Jul 15, 2015 $0.06
    May 31, 2015 Jun 15, 2015 $0.06
    Apr 30, 2015 May 15, 2015 $0.06
    Mar 31, 2015 Apr 15, 2015 $0.06
    Feb 28, 2015 Mar 13, 2015 $0.06
    Jan 31, 2015 Feb 13, 2015 $0.06
    Dec 31, 2014 Jan 15, 2015 $0.06
      2015 Total $0.72
  3. 2009 to 2014 Dividend Summary

    Following is the monthly cash dividend summary for the Superior Plus for the year 2009 to 2012.

    2009 to 2014 Dividend Summary

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  4. Taxation of Dividends

    The information contained herein is based on Superior's understanding of the Income Tax Act (Canada) and is provided for general information only. Shareholders are advised to consult their personal tax advisors with respect to their particular circumstances.

    Eligible Dividends for Canadian Tax Purposes

    Superior hereby advises all shareholders that, effective from January 1, 2009, all dividends paid on its common shares will be designated as “eligible dividends” for Canadian income tax purposes. This designation will apply until a notification of a change is posted on this website.

    If you have any questions regarding the taxation of eligible dividends, please contact your Canadian tax advisor or your local office of the Canada Revenue Agency.

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  5. General Income Tax Information

    The following is intended to provide individual shareholders of Superior additional information to assist in the preparation of their 2015 Canadian T1 Income Tax returns. The information presented is general in nature and cannot possibly address every situation experienced by all investors. This material is not intended to replace professional investment or tax advice.

    Shares held within a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF), or a Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP):

    If the investment in the shares of Superior is held within one of these plans, income earned in respect of the shares is not subject to tax in the year. Instead, the amount of capital and any earnings in the plan is taxed only on withdrawal from the plan.

    Shares held outside of an RRSP, RRIF or DPSP:

    Shareholders with an investment outside of an RRSP, RRIF, or DPSP and who received dividends will receive a "T5 Supplementary" tax slip which is required to be mailed on or before February 29, 2016. Please note that if the shares are registered in the investor's name, the T5 will be sent directly from Superior to the shareholder. However, if the shares are held in the name of a broker (i.e. in "street form"), the shareholder will need to obtain a T5 tax slip from the broker.

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  6. U.S. Resident Tax Information

    General Tax Information

    The following information is provided for general information only and should not be construed to be legal or tax advice to any shareholder. Shareholders are encouraged to seek advice from a qualified tax advisor in their country or residence to obtain guidance with respect to the appropriate tax treatment of their distributions.

    Superior has made an election to be taxed as a corporation for U.S. tax purposes. As a result, any distribution made on a share by Superior is treated as foreign-source dividend income under U.S. federal income tax principles, reportable on a Form 1099. This treatment of the distributions is based on the fact that we have not determined our current or accumulated earnings and profits. In the absence of such information, we believe that a United States person should report our distributions as fully subject to United States federal income tax.

    Providing the applicable holder-level requirements are met, we believe that these distributions would be treated as "qualified dividends," eligible for taxation at reduced rates under U.S. federal income tax legislation.

    U.S. Non-Resident Withholding Tax Information

    Effective January 1, 2012, the Canadian Revenue Agency has asked all paying trust agents, including Computershare which administers Superior’s dividend payments to withhold a statutory rate of 25% from all applicable payments or credits.

    In order to be considered for the preferred treaty rate, U.S. shareholders must provide Computershare with a NR301 – Declaration of Eligibility for Benefits Under A Tax Treaty for a Non-Resident Taxpayer. A link to this form is provided below. Additionally, a copy of the letter which provides additional details is also provided below.

    Computershare letter – CRA Letter to Holders

    NR 301

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  7. Income Tax Information 1996 to 2008

    Click on the link below to view the annual cash distribution / dividend summary for Superior Plus, for income tax purposes, from inception of the Fund on October 8, 1996 to December 31, 2008.

    Annual cash distribution / dividend summary

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  8. Historical Monthly Dividends and Distributions

    Following is the monthly cash distribution summary for the Superior Plus, for income tax purposes, from inception of Superior on October 8, 1996 until December 31, 2008.

    Monthly cash distribution summary

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  9. Dividend Payment Details

    The record date for each monthly dividend will be the last day of the month and payment will be made on or before the fifteenth day of the following month.

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